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The surname of PAXTON was a locational name 'from the lands of Paxton' in Berwickshire. The lands were owned by the family in medieval times. The name was originally derived from the Old English word 'Paecc ' Local names usually denoted where a man held his land, and indicated where he actually lived. Early records of the name mention Pachstone (without surname) who was listed as a tenant in the Domesday Book of 1086. The name was documented as Pacstonia (without surname) in 1164. David de Pakestun who was a witness to a charter was recorded in Scotland about 1240. Robert de Paxton was prior of St. John of Jerusalem in Coldingham, in the year 1296. Thomas de Paxton of County Huntingdonshire, was recorded in the year 1300. Edward Paxton of Yorkshire, was listed in the Yorkshire Poll Tax in 1379. Patrick de Paxtoun was witness to a charter of lands in Fife in 1395. Since the dawn of civilisation the need to communicate has been a prime drive of all higher mankind. The more organised the social structure became, the more urgent the need to name places, objects and situations essential to the survival and existence of the social unit. From this common stem arose the requirements to identify families, tribes and individual members evolving into a pattern in evidence today. In the formation of this history, common usage of customs, trades, locations, patronymic and generic terms were often adopted as surnames. The demands of bureaucracy formally introduced by feudal lords in the 11th century, to define the boundaries and families within their fiefdoms, crystallized the need for personal identification and accountability, and surnames became in general use from this time onwards. Sir John de Paxiston was documented as a jurur on an inquisition in Berwick in the year 1376. John Paxton and Gertude Mylborn were married at St. George's, Hanover Square, London in the year 1550. The name was found in Aberdeen as early as 1400. The associated arms are recorded in Burkes General Armory. Ulster King of Arms in 1884.
This website has been created to assist those who are searching for their Paxton ancestors who originated in and around Berwick on Tweed, Northumberland and also in Scotland.  I have spent many years trying to track down my family and have decided to make the information available to all.  I make NO claim as to the accuracy but if you find a really glaring mistake and you KNOW that what has been supplied is not correct, kindly contact me and I will correct the error.

I am sorry that the information is not sorted in an appropriate way but I have used Excel 2007 spreadsheet and do not know how to use the sort facility.  Anyway, Happy Hunting and if you do find a lost ancestor do take the time to let me know. This is a work in progress and I will be adding Births as soon as possible

I have now added a page for Paxton Links as well as a page where you can leave any information you might like to share with others OR to ask a question and hopefully someone may reply with an answer.


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